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We are flexible on our rates for larger projects. Our passion is to help musicians world-wide make awesome sounding recordings.


$40 Per Hour (Mix: Average 2 Hours)

Recording & blending of musical elements to create the best marriage of  vocals, instruments, and effects.


$55 per song

Making tracks work together as an entire project bringing levels to a commercial standard without destroying musical dynamics


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I have developed a team of extraordinary producers, song writers, and instrumentalist who truly have a passion for industry quality music.  Let us enhance, or even totally develop your new sound.

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Business Consulting:

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I have a Doctorate in Business Administration, & a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA).  Use my experience and expertise to consult you on the business side of your musical journey as well.  ASCAP, BMI, Copyrights, Publishing, Royalties, Business Entity Setup, Taxes, Business License, etc. 

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