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Dr. Gus Singleton Jr.





Local area recording of vocals

Blending of musical elements to create the best marriage of  vocals, instruments, and effects

Making tracks work together as an entire project bringing levels to a commercial standard without destroying musical dynamics

Dr. Gus Singleton Jr.

Dr. Gus Singleton Jr. is a recording artist turned entrepreneur. Over the course of his time as a music artist, he developed an ear for the art and science of audio engineering, and decided that he wanted  to bring a quality engineering standard that all artists could appreciate. When he relocated to the Hampton, Va area, he found that the professional resources and facilitaion for quality audio engineering were minute. He built Black Element Entertainment with hopes to deliver the same quality engineering, production, and overall audio fidelity only a former artist could appreciate. Mr. Singleton integrated audio engineering into his artistry in 2008, and has been delivering sound to businesses and artists since.

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